The bride tried to avoid trouble at the wedding and lost her friend

The bridesmaid decided to beat off the groom because of the guest at the wedding

The bride said that she tried in every possible way to avoid troubles and drama at the wedding, but could not take into account all the circumstances and eventually lost her girlfriend. Her story is published by The Sun.

The woman explained that once she and her future husband met and became friends with a married couple who soon divorced. At the same time, this did not affect friendly communication. The narrator invited the woman to become a bridesmaid at the wedding, and her ex-husband was invited as a guest.

However, the bridesmaid was not happy that her ex-husband would be among the guests of the holiday and asked the bride and groom to withdraw the invitation. When they refused, the woman was offended, decided to take revenge on her friend and tried to take her fiancé away from her. She told him that his chosen one is not sincere in her feelings for him.

“She not only tried to stand between us, but also managed to get to my fiance! I couldn't stand it. I wrote her a message, ended our friendship and asked her to return the keys to our house, ”said the bride. The heroine of the material added that what happened rallied her with her lover, and now nothing threatens their wedding.

Earlier it was reported that the bride canceled the wedding at the last moment and broke up with the groom because of the behavior of a potential mother-in-law. During the ceremony, the groom's mother reprimanded her because of the dress with bare shoulders and accused her of disrespect for God.