The average price of an apartment in Moscow has broken the psychological mark

“BEST-Novostroy”: the price per square meter in new buildings in Moscow has reached 265 thousand rubles

new buildings in old Moscow continued to grow steadily. The average cost of supply per square meter of comfort-class housing in the city increased by 3 percent, reaching 265 thousand rubles, according to the materials of the BEST-Novostroy agency provided to

According to analysts, the average the price of a new comfort-class apartment in Moscow has broken through the psychological mark of 13 million rubles, amounting to 13.1 million by December. The average proposed budget for the purchase of a standard-class apartment at the end of the month reached 9.4 million rubles, a business-class apartment – 28.5 million rubles.

increasing demand in December, another round of price increases may take place, and more significant growth, “- experts warn.

According to their data, a total of 15 thousand comfort-class apartments are put up for sale in Moscow on the primary market, 12, 88 thousand business-class lots, 384 elite apartments and 403 premium-class objects.

Earlier it became known that in the primary real estate market in Moscow, discounts for apartment buyers do not exceed 10 percent. Developers unable to give buyers such a discount are trying to attract their attention with other special offers.



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