Shushkevich called “the one who pulled the trigger” of the collapse of the USSR

Shushkevich: Gennady Burbulis pulled the trigger of the collapse of the USSR in 1991-1992 Gennady Burbulis. Stanislav Shushkevich spoke about this in an interview with within the framework of a special project dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the collapse of the Soviet Union.

According to Shushkevich, it was Burbulis who proposed the phrase “The USSR as a geopolitical reality and a subject of international law is terminating its existence. ”

“ When I heard it, I instantly realized that it was a wonderful formulation. Then we acted on the basis of including this phrase in the preamble of our resolution, “he said.

According to the politician, the words of Burbulis made a huge impression on him, since he himself” did not have general humanitarian training and over such global I didn’t think about problems ”. “After I heard them, I even began to respect Soviet philosophers,” Shushkevich admitted.

Earlier, Shushkevich said that the top officials and heads of government of the three Union republics, moreover, initially they did not intend to make a decision on secession from the USSR. According to him, initially the representatives of Belarus planned to persuade the President of the RSFSR Boris Yeltsin to provide more serious assistance to the country with oil and gas.

The Soviet Union collapsed after the conclusion of the Belovezhskaya Agreements in December 1991 by the leaders of the RSFSR, the Ukrainian and Belarusian SSR, which divided a single state. During these events, Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev gave up the fight and was removed from power.



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