Protection against omicron-strain of coronavirus evaluated by Pfizer vaccine

Bloomberg: Pfizer Vaccine Provides Partial Protection Against Omicron COVID-19

strain of coronavirus. This is reported by Bloomberg, citing a study by the African Health Research Institute in South Africa.

According to study leader Alex Sigal, the loss of immune defenses is “severe but not complete.” In particular, infection with the new omicron strain leads to an approximately 40-fold decrease in antibodies that block viruses. As noted by the researchers, the booster dose of the vaccine can provide additional protection.

Previously, the vice president of the vaccine group at Pfizer Ralf Rene Reinert said in a conversation with the agency that the company's experts did not expect significant decrease in the effectiveness of the drug.

On December 7, a virologist, doctor of medical sciences, professor, chief employee of the Gamaleya Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology Anatoly Altshtein told that data on the effectiveness of vaccines against the new omicron strain of coronavirus can to be received within this week.



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