China called on to help its neighbor save the planet

Analysts called on China to finance Indonesia's energy transition China and Japan have sponsored large-scale development of the coal industry in Indonesia, which, according to experts, does not have enough funds to implement its plan to achieve zero emissions, according to the South China Morning Post. Of the 31.9 gigawatts of coal-fired power plants in operation in Indonesia, about 41 percent were sponsored by Chinese organizations and about 17 percent by Japanese organizations, according to a study published in November by the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA). In addition, just over half of the 13.8 gigawatts of coal projects under development received financial assistance from Japan or China. Excessive expansion of coal production over the past 15 years has resulted in a 50-60 percent surplus in generating capacity at Indonesia's main state-owned electricity company, Perusahaan Listrik Negara, as IEEFA analysts Elrika Hamdi and Putra Adhiguna pointed out

Instagram reported about the innovations

Instagram will have a function for deleting photos, likes and comments published a long time ago and also change the policy regarding the content that is recommended to teens. The planned innovations were announced by the head of the social network, Adam Mosseri. According to him, the company will disable users' ability to mark or mention teenagers who are not subscribed to them. It will also be possible to delete photos, comments or likes published a long time ago without contacting the moderators. In 2022, the creators promised to launch an application for parents and guardians, allowing them to see how much time their children spend on social networks. Earlier, the developers of the Telegram messenger released updates to protect content. Channel owners now have the ability to prevent subscribers from forwarding messages, saving content, or taking screenshots. Also, users can delete correspondence for a specific day or a selected

MSU graduate withdrew a candidacy for a post in the US government

MSU graduate Saule Omarova withdrew her candidacy for the post of head of the US Treasury … A native of the USSR no longer aspires to the post of head of the Office of Currency Control in the US Treasury, Reuters reports. According to the White House press service, published on Tuesday, December 7, US President Joe Biden granted Omarova's request to withdraw her candidates. Earlier it was reported that if appointed, a graduate of Moscow State University could become the first woman to head the department in 158 years of its existence. At the same time, Republicans and representatives of the banking sector criticized Omarova's candidacy. Thus, Senator from the Republican Party John F. Kennedy asked her to explain her ties with the All-Union Leninist Communist Youth Union (Komsomol) and demanded to provide confirmation of her withdrawal from the “organization of young communists”.