MSU graduate withdrew a candidacy for a post in the US government

MSU graduate Saule Omarova withdrew her candidacy for the post of head of the US Treasury … A native of the USSR no longer aspires to the post of head of the Office of Currency Control in the US Treasury, Reuters reports.

According to the White House press service, published on Tuesday, December 7, US President Joe Biden granted Omarova's request to withdraw her candidates.

Earlier it was reported that if appointed, a graduate of Moscow State University could become the first woman to head the department in 158 years of its existence. At the same time, Republicans and representatives of the banking sector criticized Omarova's candidacy. Thus, Senator from the Republican Party John F. Kennedy asked her to explain her ties with the All-Union Leninist Communist Youth Union (Komsomol) and demanded to provide confirmation of her withdrawal from the “organization of young communists”.



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