It became known about the salary slavery of half of Russians

InDepth: 50.6% of Russians did not have the opportunity to choose a salary bank when applying for a job.

for a new job. This is reported by Izvestia with reference to a study by the InDepth agency.

Experts found that half of Russians (50.6 percent) did not have the opportunity to choose a salary bank when looking for employment. The main reasons for this decision were the employer's unwillingness to pay a commission for an interbank transfer, an additional burden on the accounting department and tacit agreements with a certain bank, the study emphasizes. In addition, only in 15 percent of cases, the employer explained this by the fact that the salary bank card provides additional bonuses to the employee and the organization itself.

It is also noted that 73 percent of Russians have never changed their salary card, 14 percent did it according to of their own free will, 13 percent – at the request of the employer. Another 36 percent of citizens would like to change their salary bank through automated services, without submitting an application.

At the same time, since 2014, employees of organizations have the right to receive a salary from the employer on any card, the newspaper notes.
As told published by a source in a large bank, one of the reasons for such wage slavery in the monopoly of large banks in the market for wage projects. At the same time, some credit institutions did not see such a problem.

In September it became known that Russians were allowed to receive money for the actual number of days they worked. The PayDay service has launched Raiffeisenbank for salary customers.



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