Funniest pet photo of 2021 named

The winner of the Comedy Pet Photo Awards-2021 was Zoe Ross and her snapshot Whiz pop

Organizers of the Comedy Pet Photo Awards-2021 ( CPPA) have chosen the winner and finalists of the Funniest Pet Pictures Competition. This was reported to by the press service of the CPPA Committee.

The overall winner was Zoe Ross and her Whiz pop of a Labrador puppy playing with bubbles. The photo was taken in Penkridge (UK). Zoe Ross will receive a commemorative certificate confirming the title of the best pet photographer, a unique trophy, pet food and a cash prize of two thousand pounds sterling.

“We did not even think about winning, but decided to take part in the competition, because we liked the idea of ​​helping a charity by simply submitting a funny photo, ”shared Zoe Ross. “Pepper is the happiest puppy we've ever met, and we love him madly.”

In addition, the judges noted the winners were chosen in seven categories: “Pets, similar to their owners”, “Juniors”, “Cats are our amazing friends”, “Dogs are our best friends”, “Mighty horse” and “Other animals”. Also, the organizers noted the photographs that did not win prizes, but received high marks.

This competition was created by Paul Joinson-Hicks and Tom Sallam. According to the organizers, its goal is to celebrate the positive and important role that pets can play in our lives. It also aims to help homeless pets in the UK, with a portion of all admissions and sponsorships going to Animal Support Angels.

The 2021 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards previously named the funniest wildlife photography 2021 year. She was a work called “Oh!” (Ouch!). The picture shows a male monkey sitting on a wire. The photo was taken by Ken Jensen in China during a family vacation in 2016.



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