End of the Merkel era: Olaf Scholz elected as the new German chancellor

The Bundestag approves the new German government. The parliamentarians, as expected, elected the Social Democrat Olaf Scholz as the new chancellor.

Scholz received 395 votes of deputies. Now he & nbsp; will go to & nbsp; Presidential Palace Bellevue & nbsp; & mdash; According to the FRG constitution, the head of state, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, must appoint a new chancellor, after which he & nbsp; will return to parliament and & nbsp; will take the oath.

The new government will replace the cabinet of Angela Merkel, who has led her Christian party four times. -Democratic Union '' to & nbsp; victory in the & nbsp; elections.

Merkel was the Chancellor of Germany for 16 years and 15 days, it took her only 12 days to get around Helmut Kohl.

In this case, she would become & nbsp; the second longest serving as Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany after Otto von Bismarck. Merkel was carried out with & nbsp; the post of German Chancellor under the punk rock.