Belarusian and Russian car dealers will be checked for collusion

The antimonopoly authority will check the refusal of car dealers in Belarus to sell cars to Russians writes

Earlier it was reported that Belarusian dealerships stopped selling new cars to Russians. They refer to agreements with Russian colleagues, which allow only buyers with Belarusian passports to issue documents for new cars.

This information is of interest to the Department of Antimonopoly Regulation of the Eurasian Economic Commission. A check has begun, after which the department will make a conclusion about the presence or absence of a possible sign of violation of the general rules of competition.

The situation resembles the division of markets and customers between themselves, sellers may become participants in a cartel agreement, lawyer Konstantin Erokhin believes. Participants can be punished with large fines and prosecuted, he added.

There are many popular car models in Belarusian warehouses. They are sold without extra charges at the cost recommended by the manufacturers, and the prices themselves are often lower than Russian ones. Earlier, a source in one of the official Lada dealerships in Belarus said that Russians are offered to register a car for relatives with a Belarusian passport. Then this car can be reissued directly to the new owner.



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