Australian swimmer spoke about coaches' harassment

Swimmer Groves on coaches' harassment: it's disappointing, but nothing changes Her words are quoted by the Daily Mail.

Groves shared that she had been harassed by coaches several times over her career. According to the athlete, from 13 to 18 years old, she was molested by a man whose name she refused to name. The swimmer admitted that at that time there was no person to whom she could tell about what was happening.

“It's really disappointing, but nothing seems to change,” Groves said. The swimmer did not file a formal complaint against this man, he continues to work in swimming. In her opinion, contacting the police will not change anything.

In the summer, Groves boycotted the Olympic Games in Tokyo. The athlete explained her decision by her desire to teach misogynists and their sympathizers a lesson. The Australian woman opposed the exploitation of girls and ridiculing their bodies to make money.

Groves won two silver medals at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. The athlete became the second in the 200-meter butterfly and became the vice-champion in the combined relay 4 x 100 meters.



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