Ukraine has problems building warehouses according to NATO standards

“Bigus”: the construction of 136 modern ammunition depots for the army failed in Ukraine turned into lost money and lack of results. published an investigation into how problems arose with the military order of the Ukrainian Armed Forces (AFU) for 4.25 billion hryvnia (11.5 billion rubles).

Two contractors received an advance from the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense for the construction of 35 ammunition storage facilities, which would then be transferred to the use of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The warehouses were planned to be built according to NATO standards. In total, they wanted to build 136 military facilities under the program.

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Now the construction program has failed, journalists are sure. At least the Armed Forces will have to wait longer than planned for the delivery of facilities. The reaction of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine to the investigation is unknown.

Earlier, the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Ilya Kiva promised to “hunt down” employees of the publication “” in the courts for spreading fake information about his property. Journalists wrote that he allegedly kept his own portrait in the guise of the leader of fascist Italy, Benito Mussolini. The post was later removed.