The State Duma appreciated Johnson's words about Russia's aggression against Ukraine

Deputy Chepa: Johnson's words about Russia's aggression are a continuation of provocations

Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Foreign Affairs Committee British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's readiness to use economic and diplomatic tools to prevent Russian aggression against Ukraine are a continuation of provocations. RT writes about this.

He added that the West has made a kind of anti-Russian springboard out of Ukraine, which they are trying to use. At the same time, the deputy noted that, creating conflict and provocative situations, Western states risk “crossing the red line that Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin spoke about.”

They try to justify their mistakes in advance, not understanding what the consequences may have such a policy, concluded Chepa.

Earlier Johnson promised to continue to influence and pressure Russia with all available economic and diplomatic tools in the event of any aggression against Ukraine. In turn, the leaders of Great Britain, France, Italy, the United States and Germany recognized the need to act as a united front “in the face of Russian threats and hostility.”



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