The shooter in the MFC Moscow will be assigned a psychological and psychiatric forensic examination

Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation: the shooter from the MFC Moscow will conduct a psychological and psychiatric examination for sanity a psychological and psychiatric forensic examination will be carried out to determine the degree of his sanity. On Tuesday, December 7, “” was informed about this by the official representative of the Moscow department of the TFR Yulia Ivanova.

The suspect was taken for questioning to the investigator. A criminal case was initiated under article 105 (“Murder of two or more persons”) and 222 (“Illegal arms trafficking”) of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

As previously reported, the man started shooting at the Ryazansky MFC, two people were killed – MFC employee and one of the visitors. The arrow was detained. He cannot testify yet, as he is in an inadequate state.

The shooting was preceded by a conflict with a guard over a medical mask.