The Russians have listed the desired gifts for the New Year

Avito: women wanted to receive clothes, shoes and accessories as gifts for the New Year The corresponding press release of the Avito platform came to the disposal of on Tuesday, December 7.

Employees of the company conducted a study among 10 thousand residents of the country to find out what things they prefer to receive as a gift for the upcoming holidays … It turned out that women most of all want to become owners of gift certificates, clothes, shoes and accessories, and men – gadgets and tools.

The list of the best gifts for women also includes travel, sweets and underwear (24 and 21 percent of the votes, respectively). Men named alcoholic beverages (19 percent) and a game console (17 percent) good gifts. In addition, popular answers include money, perfume and jewelry.

According to the survey, Russian women want to present gifts to relatives and friends in accordance with their own desires – sweets (58 percent), certificates to various stores (36 percent), creative kits (27 percent) and wardrobe items (26 percent). It is noted that in total they plan to spend from three to five thousand rubles on them.

The men, in turn, decided to allocate from five to ten thousand rubles for gifts. Most often, they are going to give sweets for the New Year – this answer was chosen by 36 percent of the respondents. The top planned gifts also include gadgets (31 percent), accessories (28 percent), and alcohol (26 percent).

Hand-made items were also popular: photo albums, handmade soap and various crafts. The survey participants will give children under three years old educational games and soft toys, and teenagers – headphones, smartphones and USB speakers.

Earlier in December, Russians listed the most unfortunate gifts for the New Year. According to the survey, the most unsuccessful were the “unnecessary” wardrobe items: T-shirts, robes and socks. This conclusion was reached by 5 percent of respondents.