The Pentagon rejects the creation of a threat by a reconnaissance aircraft to a civilian liner

Pentagon: American reconnaissance aircraft did not threaten a passenger airliner over the Black Sea a civilian liner en route from Tel Aviv to Moscow. He stressed that the American aircraft did not make dangerous or unprofessional maneuvers over the Black Sea, RIA Novosti reports.

There was no such danger, no unsafe and unprofessional maneuvers — certainly not from the American military. This was a situation that was easily resolved with common sense and air traffic control routines

John Kirby Pentagon spokesman

A spokesman for the US military said that situations when two planes are at the same altitude occur “thousands of times” around the world, and Russia exaggerates an incident that “did not happen.”

How it all began

A passenger plane en route Tel Aviv – Moscow was forced to change direction in order to avoid rapprochement with a US reconnaissance aircraft over the Black Sea.

One of the two scouts crossed established civil aviation routes and approached a passenger Airbus. The American pilots did not respond to inquiries from the ground. The crew reported on the alarm about a dangerous approach. There were less than 20 meters between the planes vertically.

Related materials 00:10 – 16 September “Maneuvers behind Moscow's back” USA leaving the Middle East. Why it won't help Russia to strengthen its position in Syria12: December 23 – 6 Biden was accused of violating election promises to contain RussiaThe Federal Air Transport Agency confirmed that the liner, which was flying from Tel Aviv to Moscow, changed echelon due to a NATO reconnaissance aircraft. The agency initiates a protest in connection with a change in the course of a passenger plane over the Black Sea.

Almost simultaneously, the routes of two civil aircraft ran in the same place: Aeroflot Airlines, which flew from Ben-Gurion Airport to Sheremetyevo Airport , and the Malta-owned CL650, which was heading from Sochi to Skopje, North Macedonia.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that the actions of the US Air Force created risks to civil aviation.

And if now a catastrophe has been averted in the airspace over the open waters of the Black Sea, this does not mean that the United States and NATO can continue to risk their lives with impunity

Maria Zakharova, official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry

Zakharova, with reference to statements by Russian experts, stressed that the increasing intensity of NATO aircraft flights near the Russian borders creates risks of dangerous incidents for civil aviation.

3 December, Russian Su-27 and Su-30 fighters flew over the Black Sea to prevent US reconnaissance aircraft from violating Russian borders.

The Russian Defense Ministry reports that the Russian Aerospace Forces fighters identified targets as a strategic reconnaissance aircraft RC -135 US Air Force and the CL-600 Artemis reconnaissance and targeting aircraft of the US Army. The Ministry of Defense notes that after the U-27 and Su-30 American planes turned around, they returned to the airfield.



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