The number of illegal beer has increased in Russia

HSE study: the share of illegal beer on the market increased to 14% against 5.2% in 2020

The number of illegal beer has increased in Russia , in the first half of 2021, its market share reached 14 percent. This is reported by RIA Novosti with reference to a study by the Higher School of Economics (HSE).

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This happened after reaching a minimum level of 5.2 percent in 2020. “The decrease in sales of illegal products was due to the anti-epidemic restrictions in force for most of the year, which significantly hampered both the production and import of illegal products. However, already in the first half of 2021, the volume of illegal products increased to 14 percent, “the materials say.

The total illegal beer turnover amounted to 920 million liters, while in January-June 2020 it reached 95 million. Losses of the state from non-payment of taxes and excise taxes amount to up to 30 billion a year.

Earlier, the RBC edition wrote that the mandatory beer labeling, which will appear in Russia from September 2022, could provoke a collapse in the brewing market.



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