The Ministry of Health named the only way to avoid an outbreak of the omicron strain in Russia

Infectionist of the Ministry of Health Chulanov: vaccination will help to avoid an outbreak of omicron in Russia Chief infectious disease specialist of the Ministry of Health Vladimir Chulanov on the air of the Doc Tok program on Channel One.

According to the doctor, the omicron's ability to transmit from person to person is more pronounced. “And in terms of how to protect yourself, I would like to call for vaccination, because this is the only tool that allows you to manage the risks of coronavirus infection,” he said. The specialist called vaccinations a means that can help prevent an outbreak of disease

Earlier, Doctor of Medical Sciences Dmitry Edelev emphasized that in order to protect against a new strain, it is necessary to be vaccinated with Sputnik V.

Doctors in South Africa , where the infection appeared, are vaccinated with Johnson & Johnson and do not get sick. According to the doctor, this is a vector vaccine, which is very similar to Sputnik V.

On Monday, December 6, Rospotrebnadzor confirmed the first cases of the omicron strain in Russia – Russians who flew from South Africa fell ill.