The man found out about the girl's past and doubted the desire to marry her

The man was about to propose to his beloved and found that she was a former porn star the bride-to-be was a porn star. This is reported by The Sun.

The 37-year-old man anonymously turned to the “Dear Deirdre” section of The Sun's psychological help, named after the author of articles on sex, Deirdre Sanders. He said that he was going to propose to his 32-year-old lover. Recently, however, one of her former lovers sent him a message on Facebook with a link to the BDSM section of the adult site, which, as it turned out, featured his girlfriend. “He found me while looking at her sister's profile. My girlfriend does not use social networks at all, “the man said.

According to the author of the appeal, the girl always said that at some point her ex-lover would write to him, because he always had some problems. In addition, she was silent every time she was questioned about the past. In the end, the man watched the video – he recognized his beloved and doubted his desire to marry her.

“Seeing her having sex with other men and women was horrible, but like an idiot I kept watching it all. I told her everything as soon as she entered the apartment after work, and from her reaction I immediately knew that her ex was telling the truth. She begged me not to watch the video and said that she wants to leave it all in the past, “he said.

The girl explained that she liked to participate in the filming, but after that she began to feel pressure from the ex- partner – he forced her to act more often. The girl was worried that she would not be able to find another job, but at some point she decided to leave this way of life. She broke up with her boyfriend, quit filming and moved to another city.

Psychologist Didri replied to the author of the message that the girl preferred to be with him and values ​​the relationship. “The colorful details of someone’s past rarely make things better. You saw a happy future together before these videos and you can still achieve it, but you have to accept her past, “she said.

Earlier it was reported that the former porn star from Glasgow, Scotland, complained about difficulties in relations with men and talked about the consequences of choosing a profession. A woman believes that she is attracted to the wrong men with whom she could be happy.



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