The guinea pig chewed off the bangs of a drunken hostess

A drunk girl went to bed next to a guinea pig and woke up without a clump of hair went to bed next to the rodent and woke up without a tuft of hair. This is reported by the Daily Mail.

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29-year-old hairdresser Gara Sullivan said that after Thanksgiving, she returned home drunk and decided to sleep on the floor next to her guinea pig named Dixie.

Waking up in the morning, Sullivan looked in the mirror and found that she was missing a lock of hair from her bangs, and instead of her a forehead was sticking out on her forehead. The American immediately realized that Dixie had worked on her hair, and rushed to the guinea pig in fear that she might die due to the fact that her stomach was clogged with hair. However, the animal left the gnawed hair on the floor.

The girl admitted that she was not offended by the mumps, but she no longer plans to sleep next to her. According to her calculations, the strand should grow in six months or a year.

“Dixie is very sweet and calm! She just loves to feast on human hair, “- said Sullivan.

Earlier it was reported that a TikTok user told how she got drunk with friends, caught a magpie on the street and brought it to her bed. The animal did not resist.



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