The girl found a way to imitate a photo with her lover to spite her ex

Holly caught her ex cheating and faked a photo with her lover in order to take revenge on him lover with clothes. The corresponding video appeared on TikTok.

Social media user Halle told how she caught her lover cheating. It all started when she discovered blonde hair in a video of a man taken while on a boat trip, she said. To figure out, the blonde, the heroine of the material created a fake Instagram account, got 200 subscribers on her and started checking the pages of all the blonde women that her ex was following.

“I sent a request to follow one of the girls , and found on her page the same boat that appeared in the video of my man, “Holly shared.

The girl emphasized that she decided to take revenge on her lover for betrayal. To do this, she needed a men's hooded sweatshirt with Photoshop skills.

“I put my hand in a sweatshirt, covered a part of my face with a hood and took a selfie with a supposedly new man. Then I edited it to make it believable, added the photo to our shared album so that he received a notification, and then quickly deleted the photo, ”explained the user, stressing that she received a message from her ex five minutes after these actions.

The publication went viral and received 2.8 million views and 442 thousand likes. Netizens appreciated the girl's resourcefulness in the comments below the video. “I wouldn’t have the patience to do even half of what I have described, but I respect your search skills”, “This is a responsible approach. I would have scored for the presence of someone else's hair “,” The FBI needs to offer you a job! ” – they spoke.

In October, the woman lost weight in spite of her ex-boyfriend and delighted the subscribers. In the footage posted online, 30-year-old Jordan explained that after breaking up with her lover, she received a message from him: “No one will ever love you.” The woman decided to take revenge on the offender and prove otherwise.



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