The doctor warned about the danger of blue hands in the cold

Surgeon Akulova: in case of blue hands in the cold, you should consult a doctor

Cardiovascular surgeon, head of the vascular surgery department -Medicine “Anastasia Akulova told Sputnik radio about the danger of hypothermia. In the event that hands begin to turn blue in the cold, and not redden, this may be a sign of a health problem, with which it is worth contacting a doctor, the doctor warned.

Human hands in cold weather acquire a red tint, and after that As they were warmed, they again become their usual color, the doctor noted. However, in the case when the hands become pale or blue, this is one of the symptoms of circulatory disorders.

“If there is pain, and the fingers are pale or even become” cyanotic “, then it is worth considering. Usually the color change occurs on the second and fourth toes. As a rule, fingers turn white, and then turn blue symmetrically, that is, on two hands, ”the specialist emphasized.

The surgeon told what to do for people whose hands turn blue in the cold. She advised not to allow hypothermia, as well as to refrain from smoking in the cold, since vasospasm occurs from cigarettes. You should also see a doctor, carry out ultrasound diagnostics and check blood vessels for circulatory disorders.

Previously, Tatyana Romanenko, therapist, family doctor, chief physician of the Tvoy Doctor clinic, told Russians how to help the body adapt to low air temperatures faster … She called for reducing discomfort and training cold receptors. In order for the body to get used to low temperatures, it needs to create minimal cooling by reducing the temperature in the room.



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