The doctor called the nutritional supplements and vitamins necessary for winter

Doctor Zokkolan: in winter you should take vitamins D, C and zinc to strengthen the immune system Holly Zokkolan, Holly Zokkolan, a holistic lifestyle and nutrition coach, said in the Express.

The doctor named vitamin D a natural nutrient obtained from sunlight. During the winter months when people are deficient in sunlight, it should be taken as a supplement. This vitamin strengthens the immune system. It is found in fatty fish, organ meats, cheese, egg yolks.

Zinc, like vitamin C, helps fight colds in winter. The latter is also important in the restoration of body tissues.

Previously, therapist Lyudmila Lapa said that vitamins D and C can help strengthen immunity in the autumn-winter season of respiratory diseases. Food supplements should be consumed in moderation, as hypervitaminosis can lead to intoxication of the body, and it will be difficult to treat it. It is recommended that you visit your doctor before purchasing vitamins to find the correct dosage.



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