The cheapest apartments in doomed houses were found in Moscow

RBC: the minimum cost of housing in houses for demolition in Moscow is 5.5 million rubles

sale of more than 1.2 thousand apartments in houses doomed to demolition. The cheapest was found on the territory of New Moscow, it costs 5.5 million rubles, RBC reports, citing data from the Azbuka Zhilya agency.

According to realtors, the minimum cost per square meter for demolition is 115 thousand rubles. maximum – 635 thousand. For 5.5 million you can buy a 44-meter “kopeck piece” in a house for demolition in the annexed territories. The most expensive lot in the segment is a 105-meter lot for 50.7 million rubles (it is located in the Yuzhnoportovoy district, next to the Kozhukhovskaya metro station).

According to experts, the cost of apartments in houses for demolition depends on the estimated time for dismantling the building. The sooner the house is demolished, the higher the price of the lot.

The housing stock renovation program was launched in Moscow in 2017. Its first members moved to new apartments in February 2018. In December 2020, President Vladimir Putin signed a law on the integrated development of territories, which provides for renovations throughout the country.

In November 2021, Strelka proposed a new version of the renovation program that takes into account the goals of sustainable development (ESG ). The company believes that renovation can be carried out without demolishing old buildings and at the same time solving the problem of deterioration of houses and a lack of housing. According to experts, the current program is harmful to the environment – the demolition of every thousand of existing houses and the construction of new ones instead provokes 3.5 million tons of harmful emissions.



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