Scientist assessed the ability of the delta strain to stop the spread of the omicron

Skoltech Professor Bazykin said that the omicron strain causes great concern

strain to stop the spread of the omicron.

“I doubt it, because the omicron is found where the delta was widespread and predominated before. In South Africa, where the omicron was discovered, the wave of disease caused by the delta ended before that, “the scientist said.

According to him, a large number of people were immune to the delta strain, but even against this background the omicron is now spreading rapidly. “I am afraid that the situation in Russia will be very similar,” Bazykin said. He noted that the omicron-strain, apparently, partially escapes the immunity acquired after the delta, which causes great concern.

Earlier, an expert, associate professor of the Department of Infectious Diseases of the RUDN University Sergey Voznesensky said that the spread of omicron- The coronavirus strain can be stopped in Russia by conscientiously implementing preventive measures at any level. In his opinion, currently existing vaccines are effective against a new type of coronavirus.