Russians warned about fines on New Year's

Shevtsov's lawyer spoke about fines for noise and pyrotechnics during the New Year holidays that on New Year's holidays you can get a large number of fines in case of not observing a number of rules.

“They can also be fined on New Year's Eve because of a noisy feast. For example, neighbors will call the police because of a roaming company, and law enforcement officers will impose a fine of up to two thousand rubles. This can be done an unlimited number of times during the New Year holidays. Each Russian region has its own version of the law on silence, which applies, including the holidays, “- said the lawyer.

In addition, she urged to pay special attention to safety when using pyrotechnics. Fireworks or firecrackers are allowed to be used only if there are no cars within a radius of at least 100 meters, and there is also no strong wind. Violation of these rules may threaten the culprit with an undesirable fine or arrest for 15 days, and in the event of damage to human health or other people's property, criminal liability will ensue.

Earlier, a member of the State Duma Committee on Security and Anti-Corruption Sultan Khamzaev said that in During the New Year holidays in Russia, they wanted to restrict the sale of alcohol so that citizens would not “get drunk”.