Russians massively wanted to become IT specialists 22% of Russians plan to retrain IT specialists in 2022

Every fifth Russian plans to undergo retraining and become an IT specialist in 2022. This is stated in the study “” (available to “”).

About 22 percent of respondents plan to retrain for work in the IT sector next year, eight percent have already completed additional training in this area, and 46 percent are willing to consider such an opportunity in the future.

At the same time, eight percent of the respondents said that they do not have enough time to acquire a new specialty. Another 16 percent are sure that they do not have the ability, therefore they will not pull the job of an IT specialist. The most insecure in their abilities were Russians aged 18 to 24 years. Russians wanted to go massively into IT because of high salaries (33 percent of respondents named this reason). Other reasons include being in demand (24 percent), the ability to work remotely on a flexible basis (21 percent), and the chance to get a job in international companies (six percent).

About 46 percent believe that one of the main difficulties for newcomers to IT is high competition, 15 percent indicate low income at the beginning of their career, 17 percent think that getting their first normal job is difficult due to multi-stage interviews and test assignments, and 13 percent of respondents believe that a very high workload awaits beginner IT specialists.

Economists, managers and analysts are among the top 3 specialists who have undergone retraining to work in the field of information technology. Basically, they had an engineering and technical educational base. According to 19 percent, any specialist with a higher education is able to retrain into an IT specialist, 75 percent believe that everything depends on the individual characteristics of a person.

Earlier it was reported that the majority of IT specialists in Russia expressed dissatisfaction with the working conditions … About 78 percent of Russians in the digital industry are going to leave for another company in two to three years.



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