Russian immunologist named ways to protect children from the omicron strain

Kryuchkov: vaccination of relatives and wearing masks will help protect children from the omicron from infection with the omicron strain. This method was named by the immunologist, Ph.D. Nikolay Kryuchkov to the TV channel “Moscow 24”.

“It is necessary to visit public places, shopping centers with a child less often, to travel in public transport, because there the child may well catch the coronavirus. Children rarely wear masks, but schoolchildren can quite wear them, ”said the immunologist. He also recalled that after public transport, children, like adults, need to use an antiseptic.

The infectious disease specialist noted that, according to the latest data, children under two years of age can become infected with the new strain. It can also be dangerous for older children. Kryuchkov added that the child will be protected from coronavirus infection if only adults in his environment have antibodies to COVID-19. The expert said that children themselves are carriers of infection.

“Do not forget that children can infect others, including the elderly. This is usually the case. This is also a danger. Children usually carry all kinds of infections from the gardens. Naturally, the parents and the close circle get sick, “Kryuchkov summed up.

Earlier, the head of Rospotrebnadzor, Anna Popova, said that the omicron strain could be brought to Russia from 50 countries. The chief sanitary doctor of Russia also explained that the omicron strain is more infectious than the previous options.