Running improved brain function

Japanese scientists have linked 10-minute running to better brain function increase blood flow to the part of the brain responsible for emotional control and executive function. This is reported in an article published in Scientific Reports.

The researchers hypothesized that running enhances overall neural activity in the prefrontal cortex, since physical activity requires high-precision coordination of balance and movement and induces blood flow to this area. brain. To test this connection, experts used the Stroop color test and collected data on hemodynamic changes associated with the work of the brain.

The test is that the word for color does not match the color of the word itself. This causes a delay in the reaction of the reader, who should name the color of the word, and not read the word itself, which allows you to evaluate the changes taking place in the brain. The results showed that after 10 minutes of moderate-intensity running, there was a significant reduction in lag time. In addition, the scientists noted an increase in mood among the participants in the experiment.



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