Putin's reaction to Biden's threat to impose sanctions has become known

President Putin told Biden that the sanctions are not having any positive effect Biden said that the sanctions have no positive effect, including for the United States itself. This was announced by the aide to the President of the Russian Federation Yuri Ushakov, reports TASS.

“Biden talked about possible sanctions, and our president talked about what the Russian side needs, that sanctions are not new, they have been adopted for a long time, only, unfortunately, they do not give any positive effect either for the United States or for Russia, ”he said. Ushakov also clarified that Biden, warning of new sanctions, spoke of the threat to the Russian “economy, finance and politics.”

Earlier, the Kremlin said that Biden softened his rhetoric on possible sanctions against Russia. According to Ushakov, during the conversation, Biden mentioned the restrictive measures in a more acceptable form than was done earlier in various public statements.

The meeting in the format of a videoconference between the presidents of Russia and the United States took place on December 7, it lasted two hours … The Kremlin said that this line was created during the previous administrations, but today it is being used for the first time. The first footage of the politicians' communication was shown to the journalists, but then the meeting was held in a closed format. The presidents' current contact is the fifth since Biden took office.