Infectionist reveals the danger of coronavirus for teens

Doctor Pozdnyakov: vaccination of adolescents is necessary to protect against the severe course of COVID-19 Andrey Pozdnyakov in an interview with RIA Novosti told why teenagers need to be vaccinated against coronavirus.

The medic revealed the danger of COVID-19 for young people: according to him, the spread of the delta strain has led to the fact that adolescents have become more ill and worse recover from an infection. In addition, fatalities were recorded.

“Vaccination of adolescents is needed to protect them from the severe course of infection and to protect those around them, for whom they can become a source of infection. Since the spread of the “delta” strain of the virus, adolescents have also become more difficult to tolerate the infection: moderate and severe cases of the course with lung damage have appeared, “Pozdnyakov explained.

The specialist emphasized that” in the fourth wave children's departments were packed. ” According to him, after a transplant disease, children may develop a multisystem inflammatory syndrome – “a serious complication that requires hospital treatment.” That is why children receive practically the same dosages of drugs and immunological drugs, including vaccines.

Earlier, the head of the country's Ministry of Health, Mikhail Murashko, named the timing of the vaccine for adolescents in civilian circulation. On November 30, he announced that the first series of Gam-COVID-Vac M would be delivered to young people in 15-18 days.