In Germany, a man killed his family over a fake vaccination certificate

Der Tagesspiegel: a man killed his wife and three children because of a fake COVID certificate

In Germany, in the city of Königs-Wusterhausen, a 40-year-old man killed his wife and three children at the age of four, eight and ten, and then committed suicide. Der Tagesspiegel reports.

The head of the family feared arrest after the spouse's employer learned about the fake vaccination certificate. According to the judicial authorities, the couple also feared that their children could be taken away from them.

It is reported that firearms were found in the house, which may have served as the murder weapon. However, it is clarified that none of the adult family members had an appropriate weapon license.

Earlier it became known that a resourceful resident of the Italian city of Biella, who wanted to acquire a COVID certificate without vaccination, came up with a cunning trick to avoid vaccination, but failed. The man bought a silicone prosthesis and tried to pass it off as his hand, but he failed to deceive the doctors.