In France, they called Russia's reaction to the expansion of NATO forces legal

French presidential candidate Zemmour: Ukraine has been Russian for centuries … This opinion was expressed by the French presidential candidate Eric Zemmour, RIA Novosti reports.

The politician recalled that Ukraine had been Russian for centuries. “Therefore, it is clear that Russia does not want to have Americans and NATO at its borders,” he concluded. The candidate for the post of state leader of France called this situation normal.

At the same time, Zemmur stressed that today Ukraine is a sovereign state, and its sovereignty must be respected, like the sovereignty of any country.

< p> Earlier, Danish Ambassador to Russia Karsten Sendergård said that relations between Moscow and NATO countries do not look good, but they could be better. “There are problems in bilateral relations, there are constants that we must not forget about and which we must work on,” the diplomat concluded.

On December 4, American intelligence “discovered” that Russia is planning to invade Ukraine, and drew up a map of the proposed offensive on several fronts. Intelligence officials said that Moscow plans to involve 100 battalion tactical groups of up to 175,000 troops in the offensive. The Kremlin denied this information.



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