Germany demanded to keep gas transit through Ukraine

Future German Chancellor Scholz announced the need to support gas pumping through Ukraine

Ukraine after the signing of the coalition agreement. The new government of Germany, after Angela Merkel's departure from the post of chancellor, will maintain its position on Ukraine's status as a gas transit country and will adhere to the previous requirements, TASS reports, citing Scholz's words.

“We have set ourselves a goal for Ukraine to remain a transit country for gas. And we will strive for this in the future, ”said the future chancellor. Scholz added that the “Normandy format” should once again become an effective instrument for resolving the crisis in eastern Ukraine. The Normandy Four is a group of leaders from Germany, Russia, Ukraine and France, formed in 2014 to fight the crisis in eastern Ukraine.

It is expected that the new government of Germany will be sworn in on December 8. Previously, Olaf Scholz served as Minister of Finance of Germany. While in this position, he tried to “buy back” from the United States the lifting of sanctions against Nord Stream 2. Scholz offered the administration of former US President Donald Trump assistance in the import of American liquefied gas in exchange for lifting restrictions from the Russian gas pipeline.

In early December, the representative of the Ministry of Economy of the Federal Republic of Germany Nina-Marie Güttler said that Nord Stream 2 was not will be launched before the completion of its certification, which is currently ongoing. The exact timing of the completion of certification for Nord Stream 2 is unknown. Project certification was suspended, as the Nord Stream 2 AG project needs to create a subsidiary in Germany in order to transfer the assets and management of the gas pipeline in the country to it.

On the possibility of launching Nord Stream 2 before the certification process is completed earlier said the journalists of the German newspaper Handelsblatt. According to them, similar precedents already exist in the history of the country. However, German Ambassador to Ukraine Anka Feldhusen later stressed that the gas pipeline would be opened in at least six months.



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