Fewer pharmacies in Russia

Vedomosti: 2000 pharmacies closed in Russia over the summer of 2021 due to a decrease in demand for drugs

number of pharmacies. About 2,000 retail outlets will stop working due to a decrease in demand for drugs amid restrictive measures due to the coronavirus, Vedomosti writes with reference to a study by the analytical company DSM Group.

Experts note that in Russia it has become three percent fewer pharmacies than there were at the beginning of the summer. From June to September 2021, small and medium-sized businesses were most often closed in the country: for example, 44 percent of outlets that stopped working are single pharmacies. During this time, only interregional chains increased their presence: their number increased by 6 percent to 8668 outlets in September

pharmacies, with the abolition of the unified tax on imputed income (UTII) and labeling of drugs. DSM Group CEO Sergei Shulyak explained that due to the use of masks, the observance of the social distance of switching to remote work, Russians almost did not suffer from acute respiratory viral infections and did not suffer from exacerbations of chronic diseases.



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