Factors holding Zelensky away from war with Russia

Military expert Leonkov: The United States does not give the command to Zelensky to enter into direct conflict with the Russian Federation Leonkov, in an interview with Ukraina.ru, named the factors that, in his opinion, keep Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy from unleashing a war with Russia.

The specialist noted that the United States is currently not ready to give up its interests in Ukraine, however, they also do not intend to fight with Russia, on the basis of which Washington does not command Zelensky to enter into direct conflict with Moscow. In addition, he stressed that Kiev also understands that in the event of their full-scale aggression against the Donbass, Russia will not stand aside.

regional committee “and the lack of guarantees from Washington that Russia will not get involved in the conflict if Ukraine goes to Donbass,” Leonkov said.

He added that if Kiev decides to blitzkrieg in Donbass, then the Ukrainian military will do everything efforts to first cut it off from the military on the part of Russia, after which they will begin to clean up the territory, where the key factors will be the resilience of the inhabitants of the DPR and LPR, as well as the ability of Moscow to provide the necessary assistance to the republics, more than 700 thousand inhabitants of which have Russian passports.

Earlier, the former Prosecutor General of Ukraine Svyatoslav Piskun explained why there is such hysteria in the country about a possible “invasion” of the Russian military. He named three “safety devices” thanks to which Moscow will definitely not attack Kiev.