Dr. Komarovsky answered the popular question about sweet

Dr. Komarovsky: the desire to eat something sweet is not a symptom of any disease popular question about sugar cravings. In the heading “Ask Komarovsky” on the air of the “Ukraine” TV channel, the doctor assured that the desire to eat something sweet is not a symptom of any disease. The episode was published on his YouTube channel.

According to Komarovsky, a huge number of people constantly crave sweets. “If you think that sugar cravings are a symptom of some secret illness, then this is a big, big mistake. There is no such disease, ”the doctor explained. He acknowledged that cravings for salty or exotic combinations, such as strawberries and herring, may be a symptom of certain conditions, but cravings for sweets never.

The medic stated that the constant interest in sweets is related to education. “It's just a bad habit. A person can live without added sugar, “said Komarovsky, explaining that sugar dependence is a psychological problem, not a physiological one.

At the same time, the doctor urged not to despair, but simply to gradually start monitoring your diet … “It's okay to want something tasty! It's okay to enjoy a tasty treat! And this is not a sign of illness. This is a sign that it's time to pull yourself together, “concluded Komarovsky.

Earlier, doctor and TV presenter Alexander Myasnikov dispelled the popular myth that sugar substitutes help to lose weight. According to Myasnikov, the body cannot be deceived in this way: the receptors react in the same way to sugar and to its substitutes. He also recalled that a constant increase in the level of insulin in the blood can lead to obesity, diabetes, oncology and other diseases.



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