Doctor Myasnikov dispels the pasta myth

Doctor Myasnikov: brown pasta is healthier than ordinary pasta thanks to slow carbohydrates “Russia 1” dispelled the popular myth about pasta. The doctor explained that brown wholemeal pasta is very different from regular pasta. Available on YouTube.

According to the doctor, the difference between these types of foods lies in the carbohydrates. Unlike regular pasta, brown pasta is dominated by slow carbohydrates, which allow insulin to evenly distribute energy in the body. Myasnikov explained that the shell of the grain contains useful trace elements, fiber and vitamins. To get regular pasta, the useful shell is completely destroyed during grain processing.

“Do not eat anything white: white rice, white pasta, white bread. Bread can be black, coarse, pasta and rice are brown, “Myasnikov recommended.

Myasnikov recalled that excessive consumption of carbohydrates, which are contained in white foods, not only leads to obesity, but also increases the risk the development of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer. “All this (foods containing fast carbohydrates – approx.” “) is very tasty. But we understand that everything that is tasty is harmful, “the doctor concluded.

Earlier, Myasnikov dispelled popular myths about sweeteners and diuretic teas. He warned that the former are not effective means for losing weight, and the latter can be dangerous to the body. The doctor admitted that there are no calories in sweeteners, but the receptors perceive them as sugar, and insulin is released on them, which ultimately leads to weight gain.