CIA director spoke about Russia's “appetite for risk”

CIA Chief Burns spoke of the Russian leadership's 'appetite for risk' in the context of Ukraine

CIA Director William Burns spoke about “Russian leadership in the context of Ukraine, Bloomberg writes.

” I would never underestimate President Putin's appetite for risk on the issue of Ukraine, “said the head of the CIA, adding that it is important to respond to this with actions to contain , and the possibility of diplomacy.

Earlier, State Duma deputy Adalbi Shkhagoshev said that Russia would not attack Ukraine, the only thing that could happen now is a provocation of the Ukrainian side in Donbass. The parliamentarian stressed that in this case, the losses could be “geographic in nature.”

On December 6, a senior White House official said that Russia was ready to attack Ukraine from three sides. He added that the United States does not know whether Russian President Vladimir Putin made a decision on the readiness to “invade Ukraine”, but believes that Moscow is definitely preparing for such a turn of events.