Chanel justified its unreasonably expensive calendar

Chanel President Bruno Pavlovsky spoke about the contents of the calendar for $ 825 which buyers criticized on social media. His statements are quoted by WWD.

We are talking about a calendar dedicated to the cult perfume Chanel №5, which contains hidden gifts for every day of the pre-Christmas period. In total, it contains 27 packages with various contents. Among them: stickers, bracelets, Christmas tree decorations, cream, magnet and an empty gift bag. The price of the set was 825 dollars (61 thousand rubles).

It is known that the products found disappointed numerous buyers. So, blogger @eliseharmon recorded a video in which she criticized the brand for selling the calendar at an inflated price. The video went viral with over 11 million views.

A brand representative responded to the girl's post and said that you cannot determine the value of a product only by its content. According to Pavlovsky, the calendar is a collectible item with an original design and exclusive content. The man also noted that the product was released in a limited edition.

“We thought we would delight loyal customers by offering such a product. In the future, we will certainly be much more attentive (…) In any case, we do not have a goal of causing disappointment or controversy, ”explained the head of the brand. In addition, he stressed that only sustainable materials were used in the creation of the Advent calendar.

Earlier in September, buyers scolded the design of the new Balenciaga pants, seeing it as an insult to an entire race. We are talking about sports trousers Trompe-L'Oeil worth 86 thousand rubles. The garment is decorated with an insert on the belt, reminiscent of underwear. It is noted that such a detail on clothing creates the illusion of lowered pants, which were worn by black representatives of the US hip-hop community in the 1990s.



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