Britain promised to influence Russia in case of aggression against Ukraine

British Prime Minister Johnson: London will continue pressure on Russia in case of aggression against Kiev against Russia with all available economic and diplomatic tools in the event of any aggression against Kiev. He announced this at talks with the Presidents of the United States and France Joe Biden and Emmanuel Macron, as well as Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi and the Acting Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel, RIA Novosti reports.

The leaders of the five countries recognized the need to act as a united front “In the face of Russian threats and hostility.” They called for de-escalation and reaffirmed their commitment to the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

“The Prime Minister said that the UK will continue to use all economic and diplomatic tools at its disposal to prevent any Russian aggression against Ukraine,” said Downing's spokesman Street.

Earlier, White House spokesman Jen Psakiza said that US President Joe Biden intends to clearly explain to Russian leader Vladimir Putin that he is ready to put economic pressure on Moscow in the event of a conflict with Ukraine. Psaki added that Biden plans to discuss his actions with allies. She also stressed that the United States is trying to convey to Russia that the situation with Ukraine must be resolved using diplomatic methods.