Autoexpert put an end to disputes about the need to warm up the engine in winter

Autoexpert Sachkov: it is recommended to warm up the engine even in minimal frost

The engine needs to be warmed up a little before the trip even in minimal frost, said the deputy editor-in-chief publishing house “Za Rulem” Maxim Sachkov, writes “Vechernyaya Moskva”.

According to the expert, this will help to extend its resource. Many automotive experts talk about the need or no need to warm up the engine in winter. “I believe that the truth is somewhere in the middle: you need to warm up, but for a short time,” Sachkov put an end to the disputes.

According to the consultant, a few minutes of engine operation will help prepare all the car parts for the road and make oil more liquid. At zero temperature, he advised to sit in the car with the engine running for two minutes. It is necessary to start moving smoothly in the cold.

“Without jerking, sharp acceleration and braking, while in motion, warming up the main components and assemblies: engine, gearbox, transmission parts,” he recommended. If these rules are ignored, the owner of the car may prematurely face the need to repair the engine. “The biggest engine wear always occurs during a cold start,” he added.

Earlier, expert Yegor Vasiliev advised to make sure before the car factory that the power consumers were turned off in the car. After turning on the ignition, it is worth waiting for the fuel pump to work in it, and only then turn on the starter.