Australian authorities decided to shoot rabbits that captured the approaches to parliament

ABC: rabbits have captured the approaches to the Australian Parliament, some of them will shoot

Many rabbits have captured the approaches to the Australian Parliament in connection with with which the authorities decided to shoot some of them. The invasion of animals is inconvenient for local residents and officials, ABC reported.

The National Capital Administration (NCA) has already interviewed a number of local residents, and many of them complained about the damage caused by rabbits. They threaten the existence of birds and insects, as they actively eat plants, and this leads to soil erosion.

The Australian authorities have already tried to combat the growth of animal populations, but these measures are not always effective. The current invasion is associated with the abundance of food in the Canberra area. Soon, some of the rabbits in front of the parliament will be shot. Initially, the NCA wanted to use poisons, but this could harm other animals, such as birds of prey.

This is not the first time that rabbits in Australia have been destroyed, which have become a real disaster for the local ecosystem. In 2007, they tried to fight rabbits in Canberra with the rabbit virus, but they failed to reduce their population.



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