An Englishwoman found a way to break open the door of a hotel room and surprised tourists

A British tourist broke into a room door without a card key and delighted subscribers cards and surprised subscribers. This is reported by The Sun with reference to the corresponding post on Twitter.

The Englishwoman said that once, when she was at the hotel, she needed to charge the battery in her absence. However, when she took the key card with her from the room, the electricity went out. The traveler inserted an ordinary plastic card into a special slot and the electricity reappeared. “I turned off all the lights by hand so as not to be wasteful, because I only had to recharge the old battery for a couple of hours,” she said.

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The unusual method amazed netizens, and they began to leave enthusiastic comments. “I’m 42 years old and I didn’t know that you can put any card in this damn compartment”, “I am overwhelmed. I have worked in five-star hotels and have never encountered this, ”they wrote.

Earlier in December, a former hotel employee listed the methods of revenge that hotel staff use against rude guests. The man said that problems with access to the room using a key card may indicate that the guest disrespectfully treated someone from the hotel staff or raised his voice.



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