A photographer filmed a rare natural phenomenon in the Urals

Photographer from Yekaterinburg Nadezhda Manuilova shot light poles on Mount Pilnaya – light columns. They occur when the air temperature drops sharply: on Mount Pilnaya, it fell from minus 4 to minus 20 degrees. The photographer published the corresponding post on her Instagram.

The author of the post noted that in the mountains it is always a few degrees colder than in Yekaterinburg itself, and the snow here falls earlier and lasts longer. In her opinion, this is due to the remoteness from the city and the mountainous terrain.

“[This] is very pleasing to the eye compared to the urban dullness and dirt. And because of the pond, it is always fresh and green in summer. Beauty, in general! ” – wrote the photographer.

In November, a similar phenomenon was filmed by a photographer from Dudinka Denis Gaskov. To take a photo, the author had to leave the perimeter of the city.

Light columns appear in the sky due to a combination of several factors. Firstly, when the air humidity is high, and secondly, when the frost is below minus 15 degrees. Light from city floodlights passes through water crystals suspended in the air, creating a glow.



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