They wanted to set a limit on deposits for the poor

Izvestia: the limit of up to 200-300 thousand rubles will be set on deposits for the poor

poor citizens. The bar will be at the level of 200-300 thousand rubles. So they decided to support the idea of ​​the Central Bank (CB) to create a special deposit with an increased interest rate for Russians with low incomes. The newspaper Izvestia writes about this.

Some bankers believe that the yield on a new deposit should be tied to the key rate, since the inflation rate is a controversial indicator. At the same time, other experts believe that the rate on the new product should be tied to inflation, which primarily affects the standard of living and the cost of savings. According to them, this opportunity will not help poor citizens to rectify the situation, and the demand for this instrument will be quite low.

At the same time, the Association of Russian Banks is generally skeptical about the idea of ​​creating such a service. According to its representatives, the majority of low-income families have a problem not in how to save money, but where to get it, they think there. And you can show concern in other ways, for example, by increasing social benefits, targeted subsidies and providing tax incentives.

The Central Bank's initiative to create deposits for low-income Russians became known at the end of November. The deputy chairman of the regulator Olga Polyakova clarified that a person can make only one such deposit, and the amount will be limited.



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