The Taliban appointed only their own representatives as media curators in the Afghan provinces

The Taliban have appointed their representatives

The radical Taliban movement that came to power in Afghanistan (banned in Russian terrorist organization) appoints only its representatives to the leading posts of the departments of the Ministry of Information and Culture in the regions, TASS reports with reference to the Afghan Aamaj News.

It is noted that the leadership of the supervising media in the provinces of departments in almost every region of the country , who had been appointed by the former Afghan government, was fired and replaced by Taliban representatives with various religious titles. Also, the Afghan media previously noted that despite the statements of the Taliban that the new authorities in the country, when appointing regional leaders, will proceed from the principle of meritocracy, the overwhelming number of appointed governors in the provinces are representatives of the movement.

Earlier it became known that US special envoy for Afghanistan Thomas West said that he welcomes the decree of the leader of the radical Taliban movement Haybatullah Akhundzad on the protection of women's rights, but Washington wants more on this issue from the new Afghan government. The diplomat noted that the United States is positive about strengthening the ability of women to determine whether to marry and to whom.