The State Duma will consider the bill on life and health insurance of volunteers

Artem Metelev said that the state should thank the volunteers with life insurance

The bill on compulsory life and health insurance of volunteers will be submitted to the State Duma by the end of 2021. This was announced by the chairman of the State Duma Committee on Youth Policy Artem Metelev.

“One of the measures that we plan to implement will be compulsory life and health insurance for volunteers. We expect to submit the bill for consideration to the State Duma by the end of this year, and all the deputies who represent the volunteer movement in the State Duma have become its co-authors, “Metelev said.

According to him, the deputies have prepared this initiative together with leading public organizations. Russian President Vladimir Putin announced its support within the framework of the #MYVMESTE international forum.

“Rushing into an emergency mission to extinguish fires, dismantle debris after another flood or search at night, a volunteer sometimes simply does not have time to insure himself, and the organization has no money, “Metelev emphasized.

In his opinion, the state should express its gratitude to the volunteers by insuring them. Metelev also spoke about the benefits and privileges for volunteers, which they will be able to take advantage of already in 2022.

“We offer on a preferential basis to attend cultural institutions, sports events, take into account volunteer experience when applying among all universities, and not only subordinate to the Ministry of Higher Education and Science, read volunteering as a practice in universities “, – said the deputy.

Artem Metelev stressed that it is necessary to create conditions for quickly obtaining a medical book and free medical examination for volunteers. According to him, each city should have a system of support for the volunteer movement, which would be comprehensive and have its own infrastructure and a network of specialized centers.

According to Metelev, in many regions there is no uniform procedure for interaction with healthcare institutions and social protection, which leads to the closure of access to them, and decisions on admission to institutions of volunteers are made by the management pointwise. Metelev also stressed that the current version of the federal law on volunteering needs to be amended.

“It is important to clarify the legislation in order to ensure guaranteed access of volunteers to social institutions, to form clear and understandable rules, adhering to which volunteers can freely visit their wards and provide practical assistance, “he said.