The Snow Maiden in the Russian city was compared with the scandalous monument to Alenka

The sculpture of the Snow Maiden angered residents of the city of Aldan in the Republic of Sakha

Residents of the city of Aldan in the Republic of Sakha outraged the sculpture of the Snow Maiden. On the Internet, the figure of the New Year's character was compared to the scandalous monument to Alenka, erected in Novovoronezh, reports the Ykt.Ru portal.

According to a local resident, the statue of the Snow Maiden was installed near a Christmas tree in one of the city districts. The woman drew attention to the face of the sculpture, noting that the character looks like he is in a state of alcoholic intoxication. “One question: who fired? Who is this Pygmalion? ” – posted by a woman.

Netizens supported the author of the publication in the comments, noting that the sculptor had problems while working, and offered to dress the Snow Maiden in the costume of Baba Yaga. Some Russians suggested that the master tried, but did not fully cope with the task. “Aldanskaya Alenka”, “Before the Snow Maiden was more beautiful. Well, many years have passed already ”,“ Infernal Aldan Snegurochka ”,“ Snegurochka, who will enter a burning hut and stop a galloping horse, ”commented the participants in the discussion.

In December 2020, indignation in the network was caused by the New Year's sculpture of the Queen of Winter in the city of Aksai, Rostov region. Locals called the figure a nightmare, a monument to the coronavirus, an ugliness and the Aksai monster. Some have likened her to the White Walkers from the TV series Game of Thrones.