The Russians were told about the rise in price of a number of goods for the New Year

A number of goods may rise in price by 3-7% by the New Year, manufacturers predict

goods in Russia may rise in price by 3-7 percent amid growing demand. Ivan Samoilenko, managing partner of the B&C communication agency, spoke about this. His words are quoted by the Izvestia newspaper.

According to him, first of all, we are talking about products: meat, eggs, milk, cheeses, sausages, vegetables and fruits, fish, sweets and alcohol. In addition, before the holidays, prices will also jump up for perfumes, jewelry and cosmetics that Russians buy as gifts.

In turn, Alfa Capital analyst Denis Badyanov added that the price may rise in December off-season vegetables. As for non-food products, the rise in prices will affect clothing, toys and electronics – against the backdrop of holiday demand. According to Natalia Zhukova, head of the RedExpress marketing department, against the background of an increase in the cost of raw materials and difficulties with logistics, construction goods and cars will also rise in price. a fur coat. In particular, a salad for four servings in 2021 will cost 416 rubles, which is 15 percent more expensive than in 2020. Herring under a fur coat will cost 209 rubles, which is 25 percent more than last year.

Earlier, retailers warned Russians about the rise in prices for artificial Christmas trees, as well as real trees, up to 30 percent due to an increase in purchase prices and logistics costs. The cost of artificial desktop Christmas trees varies from 49 to 279 rubles, 14.2 thousand rubles will have to be paid for a pine tree with a height of 2.1 meters made of plastic, and a four-meter artificial spruce will cost almost 30 thousand rubles.



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